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Über CoFORM Consulting

About CoFORM Consulting

After more than 10 years of independent and employed work as a trainer, moderator and consultant, I founded CoFORM Consulting to give my work the right framework.


CoFORM stands for my growing conviction that the current social challenges can only be mastered through collaboration.

This also applies to the area of ​​work:

Diversity of perspectives and respectful cooperation also require a view of ourselves and an awareness of the common history and social structures that shape our work.


My professional career initially took me from looking at socio-ecological understandings of global economic relationships to addressing social realities in Germany. You can find more about my professional consulting expertise here .


Working with various teams and organizations both in Germany and around the world has shown me that all of these topics can be found in questions of cooperation and collaboration. The exploration of these connections resulted in the founding of CoFORM Consulting.



Sohal Behmanesh - Founder


CoFORM network

I work - depending on the requirements of the assignments - with valued colleagues from my network, some of which are linked here:

Selection of customers

Some of the organizations we work / have worked with:

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