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Shaping cooperation -
Rethinking leadership -
Designing the future

CoForm Consulting supports teams and leaders to work effectively towards common goals.

"I believe that all organizing is science fiction - that we are shaping the future we long for and have not yet experienced" .

Adrienne Maree Brown

We accompany you, your team or your organization through the diverse challenges of collaboration.

Wherever people work together towards a goal - they have to find a common approach.

This approach must satisfy various requirements: It should fit together with the vision of the organization, the various roles and personalities within it, different social and structural realities as well as ever changing external demands.


This is one of the greatest challenges facing teams and leaders today. As a rule, the complexities of these challenges cannot be simply captured in blueprints or technical models.

CoFORM Consulting offers a collaborative approach that enables you to develop a personalised organizational vision and way of working together that is aligned with existing experiences and resources.


Together we can create spaces in which it is possible to pause, exchange ideas, expand personal and shared perspectives and explore new approaches.

CoFORM Consulting

Consulting - Coaching - Facilitation

What makes CoFORM Consulting different?

CoFORM Consulting specialises in the combination of current organizational development and consulting approaches and methods (find out more here), with an expert knowledge of power structures and social realities in organizations. In this way we bring together innovative methodologies with the needs of complex realities.

Together we examine if your current structures and processes best serve the complex needs of your organisation. We strengthen the valuable aspects of your existing structures and dive together into exploring new ways of working that align more clearly with your organisational vision.


CoFORM Consulting offers an approach that meets the increasing need for leaders and teams to expand the space for integrity, meaning and future in everyday work. We support you to develop new approaches and explore options for socially responsible and collaborative action.


CoFORM Consulting supports and accompanies you and your team in the essential processes of self-reflection and cooperation.


Leadership consulting 

CoFORM accompanies you with


Current challenges

New leadership tasks

Reflection on previous leadership methods

Introduction of new leadership concepts

Organizational change

CoFORM supports you with the


Clarification of roles and areas of responsibility

Vision and strategy development

Structural changes

Decision-making processes



Team development

CoFORM structures and supports through


Moderation of team sessions

Moderation of team discussions and team meetings

Moderation of dialogue, exchange and decision taking formats

Supervision sessions for small teams


What customers say about us:

We found Sohal Behmanesh's coaching for our Diversity AG, founded by employees of the institution, to be a fruitful examination of our self-image as a group and our concerns. We were able to find ourselves as a group more conscious and strengthened by Sohal Behmanesh's impulses , so that we now act in a structured and goal-oriented manner. Sohal Behmanesh's attitude and general mood welcomed everyone with their questions, thoughts and uncertainties. We look forward to further encounters.

Dr. Christina Schulz, Berliner Festspiele

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